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A great place to visit is worth looking after.

Tourism is a unique opportunity – support our work.


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Goodbye freeloading, hello free thinking
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Our Work

  • Research and impact assessment

    We enable tourism destinations and tour operators to understand the profound impacts that tourism can have on holiday destinations, their communities and environments. Often, very little is known about these impacts, what they are and how to manage them effectively...

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  • Local product development

    Our aim is to enable small, local businesses to benefit from tourism, whilst also creating a more appealing, authentic destination offer. We work with small and micro enterprises, building local people’s skills and confidence to access the international tourism market...

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  • Environmental protection

    We work with tourism destinations and businesses to ensure natural resources and biodiversity are better protected through improved tourism practices. We have expertise and experience in: resource efficiency greening accommodations waste management sustainable beach management marine conservation improving wildlife tourism...

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  • Embedding sustainable ways of working

    We work with tourism businesses and destination authorities to enable them to change the way that they work, so that tourism has a more positive impact on local communities and the environment. We have expertise and experience in: creating best...

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Latest Destinations

Saint Lucia

Environmental protection and marine conservation projects on a small developing island nation which depends on the tourism industry.

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In Mexico we are working to help Maya communities develop sustainable products and services for the mainstream tourism supply chain.

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In Turkey we're working with destination partners to help identify ways to preserve the natural resources of Fethiye and the surrounding region whilst continuing to provide economic benefits.

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South Africa

In the Western Cape, we are supporting CapeNature to generate funds for conservation in a way that also brings socio-economic benefits.

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We are working in Montego Bay to increase the scale and spread of tourism revenue to local businesses and communities.

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Cabo Verde

In Cabo Verde we have set up a Destination Council, showing how local tourism stakeholders can work together to manage the impacts of tourism.

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Flavours from the Fields

TUI Care Foundation is helping rural communities in Turkey to benefit from tourism by selling locally made products to hotels, restaurants and gift shops.

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Finding the Optimum Tourism Mix

The Travel Foundation is undertaking research into the value of different tourism markets to a destination.

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Lionfish on the menu

Our goal is to contribute to the eradication of the invasive lionfish species, supporting the conservation of native reef fish stocks around Saint Lucia.

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International Climate Initiative – Transforming Tourism Value Chains

This project will find ways to reduce the pollution and waste created by tourism, and make it a more efficient industry in terms of water, energy and land use.

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Latest Updates


Why hotel developers need to think ahead

When developing a resort or destination, the lack of a long-term view can impact a project—and its surroundings—even well after it's been completed...  

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Forging a career in sustainable tourism

We get many requests every year from students and travel personnel wanting to know how to get started on a career in sustainable tourism. Here are our top tips.

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