In the long term there is only sustainable tourism.

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Tourism must stop promoting growth without understanding the costs
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For tourism that benefits local people and protects the environment

We are an international sustainable tourism charity. Find out what we do.

“Sustainable tourism is something the company is investing in both emotionally and financially, and we are glad have the experts at the Travel Foundation to guide us.”

Steve Byrne, CEO Travel Counsellors


“The Warm Welcome initiative is great for tourism in Jamaica, because it allows our individuals both directly and indirectly involved in tourism to feel a part of the product, to feel that tourism really does benefit them.’

Anna Reader, Product Quality Officer, Jamaica Tourism Product Development Co. 


“Our project with the Travel Foundation has taken an evidence-based approach to focus on the issues that really count both for tourism, and the people of Cabo Verde, to thrive.”

Thomas Ellerbeck, TUI Care Foundation Chairman of the Board of Trustees


Making a positive impact

Take a look at the latest destinations where our work is changing the impact of tourism


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Saint Lucia

Environmental protection and marine conservation projects on a small developing island nation which depends on the tourism industry.

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In Turkey we're working with destination partners to help identify ways to preserve the natural resources of Fethiye and the surrounding region whilst continuing to provide economic benefits.

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We are supporting small businesses to access the tourism market, helping to spread the economic benefits of tourism locally.

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We have begun working in Cyprus as part of an initiative with TUI Care Foundation which aims to bring tourism businesses, visitors and residents together and reduce consumption of single-use plastics.

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Cabo Verde

In Cabo Verde we have set up a Destination Council, showing how local tourism stakeholders can work together to manage the impacts of tourism.

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Keep Our Sand and Sea Plastic-free

This brand new project will focus on reducing the amount of single-use plastics waste generated and discarded in resort, on the beaches and in the ocean, as well as promoting recycling.

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Mapping Supply and Demand Potential for Tourism

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Flavours from the Fields

TUI Care Foundation is helping rural communities in Turkey to benefit from tourism by selling locally made products to hotels, restaurants and gift shops.

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Finding the Optimum Tourism Mix

The Travel Foundation is undertaking research into the value of different tourism markets to a destination.

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Lionfish on the menu

Our goal is to contribute to the eradication of the invasive lionfish species, supporting the conservation of native reef fish stocks around Saint Lucia.

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International Climate Initiative – Transforming Tourism Value Chains

This project will find ways to reduce the pollution and waste created by tourism, and make it a more efficient industry in terms of water, energy and land use.

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Latest Updates

Read about the work we are doing with the communities, protecting the environment and raising awareness in the tourism industry.


Transforming tourism in Saint Lucia and Mauritius

Hotel managers from Mauritius and Saint Lucia have been sharing their sustainability stories in our webinars as part of the UN Environment's 'Transforming tourism value chains' project.  

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How unwanted currency can fund sustainable tourism

Currency collection boxes are an easy, entry-level way to engage, educate and involve customers in sustainable tourism by encouraging them to donate any unwanted or obsolete currency.

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Workshoppin’ the Jamaican Way!

It’s the first time I’ve ever had someone turn up to a workshop by boat, sing and dance in role-play and invent rhyming ‘tweets’...

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