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Benefiting from new tourism

The aim of this project, funded by the TUI Care Foundation, is to increase the benefits for local people of two hotel re-developments in the villages of Zivogosce and Igrane, located on the Makarska Riviera.

Why?  The two large hotels underwent refurbishments in 2016 and are now attracting a new tourist demographic to these villages. Many of the small local businesses in the villages are struggling to adapt and compete.

Our approach.  Our initial focus has been to enable stakeholders from the hotels, tour operator, local businesses and local authorities to work together to improve tourism’s impacts locally. This is being achieved through the creation of two new destination councils. We are working with the councils to deliver training for local business owners and young people, plus new excursions and hotel events that promote local businesses.

Lastest Activities

  • We trained 20 managers from small, local businesses, to enable them to improve their products and meet international standards. We have supported these business managers to create an action plan for tourism destination development.
  • We trained 20 young people from the local villages to enable them to benefit from employment opportunities within the tourism sector.
  • We worked with the local tourist board and a major tour operator to create a ‘Taste the Village’ excursion, which is being offered to hotel guests every Sunday in collaboration with 13 restaurants.
  • A conference has been organized for stakeholders to share results and lessons learned from the project.


The lessons learned from this project will enable us to create a process for TUI, other tour operators, hotels and resorts to follow, enabling many more communities to benefit.

By improving the processes around hotel development and increasing collaboration with local communities everyone can benefit:

  • Local communities gain a voice in tourism planning, plus new business and employment opportunities.
  • The destination gains a more authentic, well-rounded tourism offering that attracts tourists.
  • Tour operators and hotels gain improved relationships with local communities and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Tourists gain a more authentic, better experience.

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