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The Fethiye region of Turkey is renowned for its spectacular marine environment and productive inland areas rich in agriculture and cultural heritage. The area’s popularity with tourists exerts pressure which, if left unchecked, may damage the very resources that sustain local people and attract visitors.

Our aim is to identify ways to preserve the natural resources of Fethiye and the surrounding region, whilst continuing to provide local, economic benefits. 

What we’re doing

We’re working to improve boating practices and protect the fragile marine environment, plus we’re delivering a TUI Care Foundation initiative to help rural, small-scale producers in south-west Turkey to benefit from tourism.



Current projects and case studies from past projects


Flavours from the Fields

TUI Care Foundation is helping rural communities in Turkey to benefit from tourism by selling locally made products...

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Blue Wave

We are putting in place practices and improving awareness to enable marine tourism to grow sustainably.

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Case Study

Taste of Fethiye

We worked with farmers, wholesalers and hotels to facilitate selling fresh, local produce to the tourism sector.

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