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  • Eleanor Hussey

    Eleanor Hussey

    Jamaica Strategic Relations Manager

    As someone born and brought up in Jamaica’s tourism gateway, Montego Bay, I can relate in a personal way to tourism on the island and the way it intersects with the environment, economy, and local people. Building relationships and partnerships for sustainable growth is key to lasting success.

  • Bradson Longsworth

    Bradson Longsworth

    Jamaica Programme Coordinator

    My passion for tourism started with its linkages to the creative cultural sector, local creatives and entrepreneurs elevating their living standards through tourism. I have experience of engaging a wide range of stakeholders, both private and public sector over my 5+ years in the tourism industry.

  • Sasa Leporic

    Sasa Leporic

    Croatia Programme Coordinator

    Tourism has been always been an interest of mine – I have a master's degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management and have worked on various projects related to tourism. During this project I hope to implement my knowledge and experience to further develop tourism in Croatia.

  • semsi

    Şemsi Toprak

    Turkey Project Coordinator

    I’m working as project coordinator in Turkey. My primary role is to engage local stakeholders and institutions with our programme. We were able to achieve considerable results with our destination stewardship projects and interest from local organisations stimulates us to do more.

  • Coral

    Coral Purvil-Williams

    Jamaica Programme Advisor

    I have worked in the tourism industry in Jamaica for over 20 years and have been with the Travel Foundation since 2014. As Programme Coordinator, I am very excited to be working on the project aimed at increasing tourist footfall and spend and spreading the benefits of tourism to the local people.

  • vicky Erdogan

    Vicky Erdogan

    Turkey Programme Coordinator

    I joined the travel foundation in 2011 working on the Taste of Fethiye agricultural project, and am currently working on the Blue Wave project. We aim to increase awareness and document threats to the marine environment whilst offering practical solutions and delivering an educational program.

  • dalia-gomes

    Dalia Gomes

    Cape Verde Programme Coordinator

    I have an academic background in tourism planning and sustainable development and for more than seven years I have been in the public sector, advocating for sustainable tourism development in my home country, Cape Verde. I joined the Travel Foundation in April 2016.

  • Arnau Teixidor

    Arnau Teixidor

    Destinations Programme Officer

    I joined the team to look after the Turkey programme. My background is in the conservation and build environment sectors and I hold an MSc in International Planning. I’ve worked for the past 6 years on sustainability, mainly in conservation and development projects with a strong tourism component.

  • Jodie Chan

    Communications Officer

    As part of the Communications Team I make sure current and potential partners are kept up to date about our work. I've previously worked in environmental communications for a range of NGOs, academia and government and a focus on sustainability has been the common thread!

  • Beth Hogben

    Beth Hogben

    Destinations Programme Officer

    I am currently looking after a project in Mauritius and Saint Lucia. I hold an MSc in Tourism Management and Planning and have worked for the past 6 years in the cultural and tourism sectors in the UK, with a focus on destination management and stakeholder engagement.

  • Katie James

    Destinations Programme Officer

    My background is in the international development sector with a particular focus on sustainable livelihoods, natural resources and multi-stakeholder engagement. I hold an MSc in International Development, and speak French and Spanish. I joined TF in January 2017 to manage the Jamaica programme.

  • Tess Quinn-Forgan

    Head of Finance and Operations

    With over 12 years’ experience at the Travel Foundation, my role is to lead and manage all aspects of the organisation’s finances. I also oversee the operational aspects of the charity, including IT, HR support and contract management, providing support to the team in the delivery of their work.

  • Thomas Armitt

    Destinations Programme Officer

    I hold an MSc in Responsible Tourism Management. I’ve worked for the past 8 years on community-based, ‘eco’ and inclusive growth tourism development projects in Africa, South America and the Caribbean. I speak Italian and French fluently. I currently look after the Cape Verde and Croatia programmes.

  • Terry Brown

    Terry Brown

    Destinations Programme Manager

    I joined the Travel Foundation in 2014, and manage the Destinations Programme team. Outbound tour operating and international development comprise most of my professional and academic experience. I also have a degree in Spanish and French and a particular interest in Latin America.

  • Ben Lynam

    Ben Lynam

    Head of Communications

    I work with Jodie, Heather and Gina in my team to communicate the fantastic work of the Travel Foundation, and I am the main point of contact for journalists. I’ve been in the role since 2012, and have a background in both charity and government communications. Of course I also love to travel!

  • Julie Middleton

    Julie Middleton

    Head of Sustainable Practice

    My role is incredibly varied covering all of our programmes and partnerships - from designing training courses to developing bespoke plans for our partners. My background is in tour operating so I’ve been at the coal face! After 8 years I’m still on a very steep learning curve – makes life exciting!

  • Tom Hooper

    Tom Hooper

    Project Manager

    I joined the Travel Foundation on a short-term contract and will be working with WRAP and other partners in the UK and overseas to build a new project that will reduce food waste in hotels. I am a marine biologist and have worked in conservation projects in the UK and in the Indian Ocean.

  • Heather

    Heather Child

    Communications Officer

    As part of the Communications Team I make sure current and potential partners are kept up to date about our work. I have a varied background in charity communications and marketing, working for large NGOs in a range of sectors, and have a particular interest in sustainable living and travel.

  • Graeme Jackson

    Graeme Jackson

    Head of Partnerships

    I’m a trained journalist and PR practitioner and today I’m responsible for developing and managing our corporate partnerships, connecting travel brands with our fantastic destination work and helping them to engage and inspire colleagues, customers and stakeholders. I’d love you to get in touch!

  • Georgina Davies

    Communications Manager

    As part of our small communications team, my role is all about promoting our work and its benefits - everything from creating new comms materials to managing events. I joined the Travel Foundation in 2009 having previously worked for Whale and Dolphin Conservation as their Communications Manager.

  • Salli Felton TF chief exec

    Salli Felton

    Chief Executive

    As Chief Executive, I’m delighted to be leading the Travel Foundation in achieving its goals. An environmental scientist by profession, I have spent the past 25 years implementing sustainable principles across a variety of industries in both the public and private sectors.

  • Wendy Moore

    Wendy Moore

    Head of Research and Evaluation

    My role includes scoping and setting up new destination programmes, commissioning research and managing M&E frameworks. I have 20 years’ tourism experience including lecturing and research, tour operating, and enterprise development, and have an MSc in Tourism and Environmental Management.

  • Jasmine Stevens Wong

    Jasmine Stevens Wong

    Sustainability Practitioner

    I work with tourism organisations in source market countries and destinations to develop the right training and staff engagement programmes that will inspire and guide others to improve the way that tourism operates. Having worked in, studied and taught tourism I am passionate about this.

  • david_weston

    David Weston

    Company Secretary

    I have been Company Secretary since 2005, supporting the Chief Executive and trustees, on a part-time basis. My background is in tour operating, where I created and built the Great Escapes short breaks brand to a 17% market share.

  • Debbie Hindle

    Debbie Hindle


    Debbie is the Managing Director of Four bgb - the travel practice of Four Communications - the UK's leading integrated independent communications agency which includes luxury, digital, SEO, media buying, sports, art, culture , consumer, corporate, property, public affairs and campaigning specialists

  • Garry Wilson

    Garry Wilson


    Garry is Managing Director, Product and Purchasing for TUI Group, sitting on the Mainstream Board. His remit includes harnessing the strength and scale of the Mainstream business to create new exclusive and innovative international holiday concepts catering to 20 million customers annually across 15

  • Alistair Rowland

    Alistair Rowland


    Alistair Rowland has held senior roles in the industry and is Group General Manager Specialist Retail aof Midcounties Co-operative Travel. Alistair is a Director of ABTA and a Trustee of the ABTA Lifeline Charity.

  • Dr Peter Davis

    Dr Peter Davis


    Dr Peter Davis is a political economist who works with companies and governments to understand complex societal, political and ethical challenges. Peter is currently working with the Swedish Government in Afghanistan, and with the Asian Development Bank in Viet Nam.

  • Rodney Anderson

    Rodney Anderson


    Rodney has 40 years’ Central and Local Government experience, latterly as Director, Marine and Fisheries in Defra. Having retired from the Civil Service, he holds various voluntary, advisory and non-executive posts. Rodney was part of the UK team at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD)

  • John de Vial

    John de Vial


    John is Head of Financial Protection at ABTA. John was until April 2009 Group Director of Quality, Safety, Corporate Social Responsibility and External Affairs at the Thomas Cook Group plc.

  • Noel Josephides

    Noel Josephides


    Noel is the founding partner and Chairman of Sunvil Holidays, since 1973. He is a board member of AITO and in 2013 he was elected as Chairman of ABTA. Noel is the Chairman of AGTA (Association of Greek Cypriot Travel Agents and Tour Operators).

  • jimmy-skinner

    Jimmy Skinner


    One of the founders of Action for Conservation through Tourism (ACT- the charity that played a leading role in the development of The Travel Foundation), Jimmy is also trustee of the New Economics Foundation and the Organic Research Centre at Elm Farm.