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If we do tourism right, destinations won’t just survive, they’ll thrive.

Anyone involved in tourism can be part of this – partner with us!

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World Routes and the Travel Foundation join forces for Year of Sustainable Tourism
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Our Work

  • Research and impact assessment

    We partner with organisations to research the impacts of tourism in a destination, laying the groundwork for maximising its benefits. Our ground-breaking pilot study in Cyprus ‘Measuring the Impacts of Tourism’ demonstrated the social, economic and environmental effects of their...

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  • Local product development

    Tourism should benefit everyone in a destination, so we help large tourism businesses to use the local supply chain, and small, local enterprises to develop and market products to tourists and businesses. With increased opportunities, skills and confidence to access...

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  • Environmental Protection

    We partner with destinations and businesses to ensure natural resources and biodiversity are better protected through improved tourism practices. We have… worked with over 350 businesses to reduce water and energy consumption, and to reduce waste generation trained over 3500...

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  • Embedding sustainable ways of working

    Check out our FREE online training courses Our portfolio of projects all support our vision of tourism bringing greater benefits for local people and the environment. One of the ways that we believe we can achieve this is to work with...

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Latest Destinations


In Croatia we're working to show that resort development can take place in an integrated and collaborative way so it creates a positive relationship with local communities.

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In Mexico we are working to help Maya communities develop sustainable products and services for the mainstream tourism supply chain.

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In Turkey we're working with destination partners to help identify ways to preserve the natural resources of Fethiye and the surrounding region whilst continuing to provide economic benefits.

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South Africa

In the Western Cape, we are supporting CapeNature to generate funds for conservation in a way that also brings socio-economic benefits.

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We are working in Montego Bay to increase the scale and spread of tourism revenue to local businesses and communities.

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Cape Verde

In Cape Verde we have set up a Destination Council, showing how local tourism stakeholders can work together to manage the impacts of tourism.

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